(Manufacturer Of Milleto Branded Foods)

Why Milleto?

 Best to curtail obesity
 Ideal drink for all ages
 Must for people with diabetes
 Contains essential minerals and vitamins
 Needed for pregnant woman and growing children
 Strengthens the growth of bones as it is rich in calcium
 Finger millets are rich in dietary fiber and hence help in easy digestion.
 Sorghum millet is Rich in Calories and Macro nutrients Benefits Your Metabolism.
 Foxtail millets are Ideal food for people suffering from Diabetes & Gastric problems.
 Little Millet prevents constipation, Stomach related diseases and Improves Men’s sperm production.
 Kodo Millet controls Blood sugar and Cholesterol and great energy source especially good for athletes.
 Pearl Millet is one of the very few foods that turns the stomach alkaline and prevents formation of stomach ulcers or reduces     the effect of ulcers.

In rice when the upper layer is removed and polished it loses all its goodness. But whereas millets possess their richness even up to the last grain. That’s why we have coined millets as “The Gods Grain”. From the Gods Grain we present you some items that are easy to cook and consume.

For a healthy physique, sound and energetic mind consume malt both in the morning and evening/ night. Along with this also consume our dosa mix one variety each day. You will definitely feel more energized within 15 days. Kindly avoid oily junk foods and do regular exercise for at least 30 min a day for a minimum of 5 days in a week.