(Manufacturer Of Milleto Branded Foods)

Malt Mix


Take a spoon of Malt for every cup of milk or water or both and stir well. Boil the mixture stirring frequently for 3 minutes approximately. Add appropriate amount of sugar. This can also be served chill.

You can drink it even without boiling. Nothing wrong in it. But when it is boiled and taken the body gets all the goodness of Millets. We are in the process of introducing improved version of “Milleto” that, even when consumed directly never dilutes the good rich vitamins and minerals that it possess.

• The “Regular malt mix” can be used as a fruit salad base.
• The “Regular malt mix” can also be consumed along with curd or butter milk adding pinch of salt.
• Cashew nuts, grapes along with ghee can be added in the “Regular malt mix” and can be taken in “Payasam form”.