(Manufacturer Of Milleto Branded Foods)

Dosa Mix


Mix one portion of Dosa mix with 1¾ portion of water and stir it to the Dosa dough level. In case you need salt (as salt is already added) add it and keep it soaked for 8 hours.

Once the `Dosa Pan’ is hot apply oil, spread the dosa dough, apply oil on it and take it once it is ready.

In case the dough gets hardened, add required water for every 2 or 3 Dosas. If you want it in a `Roast Form’ add some more water and do it as you would do for `Rava Dosa’. You can also add small pieces of chilly, onion, curry leaves and coriander leaves.

Incase you want to make instant dosa, with this pack mix 1 portion of dosa mix with 1½ portion of water and ¼ portion of curd or butter milk and follow the above procedures. You can also mix it with `Rice Dosa Dough’. Tastes good with Coconut chutney, Tomato chutney, Ground nut chutney, Coriander coconut chutney, Pudhina coconut chutney.

It can be used instantly. But if soaked for 8 hours fermentation takes place by which the body gets all the goodness of millets. By fermenting, the dishes become soft, gets digested easily and is tastier too. For night consumption it can be soaked during breakfast time and vice-versa.

We have seven varieties for seven days in a week.