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Food Habits

World Health Organization (WHO) reports that malnutrition, improper food habits and hence innumerable diseases are on the rise in our country. Our ancestors led a healthy life even at their 80’s and 90’s due to consumption of millets. But presently even at the age of 40’s and 50’s people suffer from ill-health and lead an un-healthy life. The experts who acknowledge this have found out that our food habits are the root cause and suggested consumption of traditional food – The Millets – is the only remedy.

Our ancestors’ food habits

Millets based: 5 days week millets based food along with country vegetables and dhal varieties.
Rice based: On Saturdays when they had “Oil Bath” and on Sundays along with Non-vegetarian.

Food Should?

Is it possible to live a healthy life (in these demanding days) consuming Rice based food alone which was once taken during leisure time and ill-health days? Rice based foods contains very little of body demanding nutrients and also gets digested fast. Hence we feel tired and hungry often. As a result we consume “Junk food” along with coffee and this cycle is repeated whenever we are hungry. As a result of which fat gets accumulated and people become obese and level of salt and sugar increases there by resulting in cardiac, respiratory, hypertension and diabetic problems. Result - Both mind and body gets tired and consequently loss of happiness.

Our food habits

1. Should fill our stomach
2. Should help in maintaining body physique.
3. Should provide the essentially needed vitamins and nutrients that both body and mind demands.

How to get this:

Changing our food habits is the only way. Having your well being utmost in our mind, our concern “Adhisurya Foods” prepares a variety of “Millets” based foods that are being marketed under the brand of “Milleto”. “Milleto” branded products are prepared as per the guidance of food experts under very strict hygienic conditions. Care is taken to satisfy your taste-buds too.