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Experts Said

"Millets not only control blood sugar level, but also gives satisfaction of eating. The nutritional content is high in millets "

Dr.V.Rajendran, Chief diabetalogist
Dr.Rajendran diabetes center,Coimbatore.

"Millets are tasty and it is possible to make several varieties, even non-vegetarian dishes using millets. These have less starch and do not consume much oil. Special items such as soup or porridge can be prepared for children using millets, according to their taste requirements."

Culinary expert Chef Damu.

“From the research conducted in our laboratory on various food products, we found that finger millet by itself contains lot of nutrients. Calcium and vitamins are more in them. They control the onset of diabetes, anemia, strengthens bones and helps in reducing the body weight.”

Dr.M.S.Swaminathan, noted agricultural scientist and
Head of Dr.M.S.Swaminathan research foundation.